Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 66 - Relaxed and Content

I have just extended my stay here at CC Blooms for a further 9 days while I sort out my visa and a bike and I have to say that I haven't felt this relaxed and content in many many years.....and just as an added bonus I have kindly had an upgrade to a larger poolside room with separate bathroom and kitchen.

As well as the staff and location here, I love how it feels like a home and not a horrible hotel room or resort. It is small enough (about 20 units) that I have got to know the other guests and staff. I have also spent a bit of time with a couple of the staff to help them with their English and in return I am getting some help with my Thai. I have said to them that by the time I have finished, no one except new zealanders will understand what they are saying in English. :) I have met a lively young couple from Austria, a couple from England and a very well travelled Frenchman.

If you go to and type in cc blooms you can see reviews of this place and what is interesting, and now i understand why, people keep extending their stays here as they just don't want to leave. It is a different world to the large resorts in patong where all the action is and surrounded by craziness and tourists are pumped in and out as fast as they can go.

Last night I got to bed at a more respectable hour so i could reset my sleeping patterns after a few very late nights.

This morning I spent two hours with a local real estate agent to learn about how buying and selling property works here, more out of nosiness than anything and it seems to me there is plenty of scope for further development and increases in property values.

Tomorrow, I will go and try and get myself organized in regards to the visa. I am also heading out the door this afternoon to go and check out a bike shop I have found, as well as to go to a couple of shops and grab some food.

Yesterday, or one of the last few days (they seem to roll in to each other very easily) I found a great local market somewhere in the back streets of Phuket town where I had some great food from the food stalls.

While I get myself sorted, don't be surprised if I do not update my website every day, as I really don't want to bore you when I have little to say. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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MasterBry said...

Very interesting Nick, we are not finding your blog boring at all, its all part of the adventure isn't it !?.

What a lovely place you have found to stay, well done that man.

Sure looks better than the hail and 10 degrees here today.

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