Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 71,72 and 73 ... I think

Tropical storms

The last few days has seen some fairly changeable weather with tropical stormy wind and on and off heavy rain. As a result the beaches have been fairly empty and the shops fairly busy.

A couple of nights ago my friend and I were caught up with some torrential rain while out on the bike and by the time we arrived back to the hotel we were soaked through, however, people just tend to keep riding as it stops as fast as it starts and within a relatively short amount of time you are dry again.

Dinner out

I have enjoyed dinner out with new friends. I have got to know the owners of one of the businesses here as well as the lovely manager of the hotel and I enjoyed a fantastic meal out last night at a very popular local eatery. The other advantage of getting to know some great locals is they have made a few calls for me in regards to a big bike so hopefully by the end of Monday I will have sorted everything out before heading off to Singapore on Wednesday to get my visa organized.

Public holiday

Yesterday was a public holiday so as life goes was fairly quiet around the place. The hotel has had an influx of new guests in the last couple of days which is great for them as it has been fairly quiet the last few days with only two or three rooms occupied. Of course the upside is that we get the staff and hotel to ourselves while it is quiet.

Big Buddha

Today my friend Top who works here at the hotel and I went and checked out the big Buddha which is on top of one of the hills around here. I really liked that it was free entry with no tacky tourist stalls and you could give a donation if you also gave us some great views of Phuket island which was awesome.


The next few days.

After finishing this blog I am going online to find and book the trip to Singapore next week. Monday I have to go and pick up all the documents to take with me and also get a couple of passport photos done as well as providing a couple of other pieces of information and go and check out a couple of the big bikes another friend has found for me then Wednesday I fly out for two nights and come back Friday in time for the mid winter Christmas party here, before heading off on the Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow I relax.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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