Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 80 - Back at CC's

Written yesterday ...

So, after an early evening arrival back at the hotel last night with poor old Top having to have a brief rest before starting the midnight shift at the hotel, I sat up for a while to keep him company and at about 2.00am headed to bed.

Today consisted of breakfast out then a very quiet day to recharge the old batteries before the mid year Christmas party this evening. Now that most people have left I am ready for a late night swim before collapsing again in to bed. The party was a success with a cabaret show, free flowing drinks and food for about 40 people. (and just for the record, after my first weeks excess, I have minimized my drinking big time)

Tomorrow I spend a bit of time contemplating my next move. Of course, with the visa now stamped it has eased the concern of running out of time. I am looking at a number of options as last week I went around a number of bike shops and there was potentially a problem with hiring from here as they were not keen on me taking the bike further than Phuket island and of course they wanted to keep hold of my passport which although i understand why, as they don't have first party insurance here, I am not keen to leave it as I could potentially be traveling for a while and if Malaysia is anything to go by, I am bound to get stopped by the police so I will like to have my passport handy. On closer inspection at the one shop I found that was prepared to let me take the bike, I found the bike to be seriously lacking in terms of it's condition so this got me to thinking about new plans ...

And I do have another plan which is beginning to look very promising.

It would entail flying to Bangkok from here (about an hour away), renting a flat for the three months I am still in Thailand and thus having a base. For around 15,000 baht a month (about $600 or $150 per week) I can potentially get a brand new one bedroom apartment in a new block with swimming pool and onsite gym. (I've been googling and asking around) I have also decided that while in Bangkok I may just take some Thai language lessons. Getting an apartment will be a great opportunity to "set up house" so that I feel like I have a home over here plus it will ultimately be a much cheaper option for me than doing the hotel thing and i can really immerse myself in the culture.

I am even thinking that I may buy a bike in Bangkok and then sell it when I leave. Now, don't panic. It sounds as if I am setting myself up for the long haul but rest assured, at this stage I will be heading back to New Zealand for Christmas. By this time I reckon I'll have pretty much exhausted my budget and will then have to make some decisions as I will need to go back to work at the very latest in the New Year. In saying that, I am not ruling out returning to Thailand in the New Year to work, but as it is very very early days and I have no idea how I will feel in another couple of months, I am making absolutely no drastic decisions.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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