Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 87 - one final big night out

The tickets are booked for Sunday to Bangkok and i will bid farewell to Phuket island which has become like a second home. I cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed my time here and yes, there has been a fair bit of partying included which i have actually thoroughly enjoyed as it is not something i regularly do or experience to this degree at home.

Thursday night I did nothing and went nowhere so I could get better. This proved to be sensible and on Friday we had a fairly quiet day as it was Tops day off and as heading to Bangkok on Sunday it was important to have one final big night out. I thought it would be pertinent to make it Friday night as the thought of traveling on a plane the morning after a big night was not something I wanted to do.

I have also learnt that to get through a "big night out" on the town I require an early evening nap of a couple of hours so I have the juice to make it through :) one thing about Thailand which is similar to much of Asia is that the population tend to be night owls. At 3.00am in the morning the restaurants are buzzing with locals and there are people everywhere.

So, at about 10.00pm after my nap we headed off on the scooter, first to the infamous Bangla Road we here we had a drink at one of the many bars and again soaked in the crazy atmosphere with the tourists, hawkers, bar girls, dancers, loud music, food stalls and general madness and mayhem.

Bangla Road .... Dream Soi for men seeking love for one hour, one night, one week or a lifetime :) .... Or just wanting a damn good night out!

After a short time there and a couple of photos for the album :) we headed off to grab a bite to eat. It was then time to go visit one of the bars where I have got to know the owner and staff very well. After this bar closed it was time to head to "sanook" - a local live music spot where there are only really locals rather than farang. Here we enjoyed live music, a bit more food, some fine whisky and a Turkish style smoking pipe. With much laughter and dancing (which has been great for my figure) we saw the night out before wandering home at around 6.00am......again!

Sing, Sam and Tom

This is Sing ... The long night finally caught up with him....

Gotta love technology ....

It was a fitting way to end my time here on Phuket island and I will miss all the new friends I have made and incredibly interesting people I have met. I will return here, that's for sure :)

So, tomorrow, it's check out time, then a short flight to Bangkok where I have booked what looks to be a very nice hotel for two nights while I organize appointments to view some apartments to rent. As soon as I have done this, I will find a bike and look to get out and about a.s.a.p.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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