Monday, July 11, 2011

Days 67,68 and 69

Yes, I am still here, and yes, I know what you're thinking ... When the hell is he actually going to get on a bike and head round Thailand. well, that's a bloody good question.

It may be somewhat blindingly obvious that I am finding it extremely hard to motivate myself to move from here. I am rather enamored by the people, the culture and just the joy of life that I see.

Needless to say then that I have been having a great time. I have had a great tour guide who has shown me the sites and I have met many locals who have been lots of fun.

I have found out some more information about sorting out the visa issue. I basically have four options -

1. Use a company and go on a mini bus to Penang and stay overnight but this entails an 8 hour minibus ride that just doesn't excite me at all.
2. Do the same thing but by plane
3. Do the same by myself to any destination outside Thailand.
4. Get a company to fill in all the paperwork and this way I could actually get 90 days and then fly out myself.

I am tempted to do either no 3 or 4

I will keep you posted. I should have my decisions made by the end of tomorrow.

Cheers, Nick.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks you are enjoying this holidaying a bit too much, haha. as far As the visa is concerned I would do what is the easiest for you, as rules and regulations of the country must be followed. But there is nothing wrong with staying where you are for a little longer if you are enjoying yourself.

Weather at home quite ghastly although PQ is at golf today, but fairly unpleasant conditions. dog has been sick downstairs so I had better go and clean it up. Uugh!!!

Love and xxxx.

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