Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good bye Malaysia, HELLO Thailand.

Thank you Malaysia. I had a great time and I will return. In one of my next posts I will write a review of the Malaysian leg of my journey. On that note though, my friend Brian, known as Masterbry in the kiwi motorbike fraternity has kindly mapped out my Malaysian leg of my journey. A huge thanks to bryan. I can't seem to do it on the iPad. Here is the link - I can't seem to embed the map

We tried to be as correct as possible,+Jalan+Teknologi+3%2F9+Bistari+De+Kota++Kota+Damansara&daddr=Rawang,+Selangor+Malaysia+to:Batu+Caves,+Selangor+Malaysia+to:Bentong+Malaysia+to:Karak,+Pahang,+Malaysia+to:Route+2+to:3.5140299,102.569304+to:Maran,+Pahang+Malaysia+to:Gambang,+Pahang+Malaysia+to:Kuantan,+Pahang,+Malaysia+to:Balok+Perdana+Malaysia+to:Kuala+Rompin,+Pahang+Malaysia+to:Mersing,+Johor,+Malaysia+to:Batu+Pahat,+Johor+Malaysia+to:Kuala+Selangor,+Selangor,+Malaysia+to:4.04512,100.80514+to:Jalan+Feringghi,+Batu+Feringgi,+Penang,+Malaysia+(Batu+Ferringhi)+to:Kota+Bharu+Malaysia+to:Jeli,+Kelantan,+Malaysia+to:D29+to:Route+59+to:Unknown+road&hl=en&sll=3.420208,102.66449&sspn=2.387836,3.139343&geocode=Fb1GMAAds-cNBiGuxX0Bgx3K4w%3BFQLdMgAdmQcOBilfBOvNUkLMMTFGbgKD-E93wg%3BFU6lMQAdglsPBilzFhL-FkfMMTGwCM1-nQJh2A%3BFUXJNQAd5wQTBinPnSIzNwXMMTGOzBCylBDIFQ%3BFQkHNAAdLgAVBikX0zLSZR7MMTF8lnD4VPfYUQ%3BFbDHNAAdkWkZBg%3BFa2eNQAdWBUdBilvcXqHcs_OMTFcF9izItXGFg%3BFVawNgAd8lcgBik7W7r529XOMTGxf5yxxVviSw%3BFa25OAAdy3YlBimZxKe2v8vIMTFL7TCkdnl9dw%3BFU1dOgAd_JgoBikF4Cbo-LnIMTFiTyH7qhZMpA%3BFYZcPAAdzVMpBikBnwBupqLIMTGq_Xz1uSR0oA%3BFaq6KgAddxErBimzgikBDonPMTFx_9JiTUx5tQ%3BFQosJQAdulYwBiklfgc9jUvFMTH5oQJRC3JPrA%3BFXkhHAAd8tgiBilTUi0z11bQMTFHjJ1bn1d5DA%3BFUDjMgAdJxMJBikvg_IoM4vMMTEdgcDML1gF3A%3BFUC5PQAdFCoCBim5A2_VyDnLMTGyVMbO-GTYAA%3BFcptUwAdvJD5BSHykWLyVWPhgQ%3BFR1qXQAd6z4YBinhog56wq-2MTEwFagyg4370w%3BFQDoVgAdK_ARBikxWn8YejG0MTF8hk3eh3WjYQ%3BFdJlSgAd47ITBg%3BFTpeRAAdDOMKBg%3BFUVFMAAdC-gNBg&mra=ls&via=6,15&z=8#bmb=1

As I write this I am on my Air Asia flight to Phuket. Air Asia is a huge budget airline which is so big it basically has it's own terminal a fair distance from KLIA called the LCCT - (low cost carrier terminal). To get their i took an airport bus that went from KL Sentral (the main train/bus station in KL) direct to LCCT. It cost 8 ringit - about $3 and took one hour. If going to KLIA from Sentral, there is a high speed train service that takes 28 minutes.

Once I arrived at the terminal there were a heap of air Asia staff their to assist. I did have a blond moment when I tried to electronically check in and I couldn't read my own writing of my booking number, however, after trying a couple of combinations I got their in the end. I did have a moment that I had accidentally booked the wrong date.

Air Asia is a sleek operation where you can self check in over the net or at booths and then just drop your luggage at a counter basically. The other cool thing about it is when you board the plane you actually walk out the terminal doors on to the Tarmac and then walk up the stairs to the plane.

Now, so far my experience of "low cost" airlines has been really good. All it really means is if you want to eat or drink something you have to pay for it. The cabin crew of both virgin blue and air asia i have found to be polite and professional with the same levels of attention to detail. The seat I have seems no smaller than the seat I had on Malaysian airlines which is a full service airline.

I have arranged to be picked up at the airport and taken to my accommodation. I have also started my research on renting a big bike and it looks as if it is possible which is great. I will fill you in when I have more details early next week.

Although I like to go with the flow for much of my travels, I do like to have my first couple of days accommodation booked when I land in a new country or destination then it gives me a chance to take a breath and get my bearings as it were. I am actually looking forward to spending a few days r and r. It is funny because this is my third attempt to go to Thailand. The first time about 15 years ago my then partner and I broke up just before we had the chance to come and the second time earlier this year my now x partner and I had booked our flights and accommodation but then the wheels fell off and I didn't get here, so maybe it's a sign that I was meant to come by myself. :)

Now writing from my accommodation .....

I chose a slightly bohemian small place to stay at in the hills above Kata Beach and I bloody love it's called "cc blooms" I will take some photos tomorrow in the light. At the moment I am sitting at the bar looking at the view enjoying a cocktail before I take a dip in the pool.

My new friend ...

Now, I do have a rather large dilemma though. Immigration would only give me 30 days in the country of which I can extend for one more week. The only other way to make it longer is to leave the country and then come back again, so it is a spanner in the works in terms of my time frame.

For some reason like Malaysia I thought I could automatically get 90 days. I need to find out how I can work around it. It might mean hiring a bike for three weeks and popping out over the border for a day then coming back. I am not worrying about it tonight though. I am just pleased to be here, so I will worry about it on Monday.

Anyway, I will sign off now so I can enjoy my second mojito :) hehe.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


MasterBry said...

Hi Nick, to make it a link, you need to insert the link between the " " in this following line of code.

8a 7ref="" > Nick in Malaysia- (on Google Maps) 8/a>

You need to replace the above numbers in my sample because it won't show the code if I write it correctly.
8 = <
7 = h
Open code is: <a href="
Close code is: > Your link title </a>

The Nick in Malaysia bit is the "title" of the link you can change to what ever you want to display.

MasterBry said...

Nick in Malaysia June 2011 - (on Goggle Maps)

(Right Click on link above and select "open in new window" for best viewing).

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, so now we are in Thailand. We do get about, haha!!! My friend Ray is delighted you so enjoyed his home country, and has enjoyed my small bulletins of your progress there.

We have looked up your accommodation In Phuket and the rooms look gorgeous on the iPad. Hope yours is as good. Have a lovely stay there Nico dear and we look forward to next blogs. Pity about the visa thing but I'm sure you will work something out. Look forward to update on motorbikes!!!.

Love and xxx.

Ian said...

Hi Nick,
When you have a whopping great long URL like that, visit and you can make it into a nice short one. It's free and I've taken the libery and done it with that one which is now

Nick said...

Thanks ian. Much appreciated. Are you the Aussie Ian I know or another one? :)

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