Saturday, July 23, 2011


So, as I write this I have just returned from a whirlwind three days in Singapore and what a great time I had!

The great news is that the purpose of the trip was to get an extra three month visa for Thailand and I was successful, so I can now stay until the end of October which is just awesome news!

I am so pleased I got the company here in Phuket to organize the paperwork because there was a relatively easy wait in a queue on Thursday at the embassy to hand it all in where people were been sent away because things were not right on their forms. When I rocked up to the window I had everything in order and in under a minute it was all stamped, they took my passport and I returned today at 2.00pm to pick it up with the visa inside. I am now back in Thailand and have lots of new options.

Before leaving to Singapore on Wednesday I paid my bill here at the hotel and for two weeks worth of accommodation, food, some alcohol, washing done, daily scooter rental and odds and ends it came out to approximately $62 per day. I have now booked in for a further three nights or so depending on the next step.


What an interesting city. Super well organized it had some incredible architecture and was extremely clean and tidy. It was also stinking hot. Top and I did a fair bit of walking, as well as taxi taking and wandered through multiple shopping centers. The cost of everything is actually very high with the Singapore dollar and new Zealand dollar fairly comparable. I bought a few little gifts for my friends here, a $3 ring watch from Chinatown which was working very well until I jumped in the pool this evening forgetting I had it on, and one tshirt.

One of the most memorable aspects of the trip was our little jaunt to Marina Bay Hotel and Casino. It wasn't the casino that was memorable, as they are all alike inside, it was the incredible architecture of the place. It also has the most phenomenal roof top area with a swimming pool, outside observatory and dance clubs all on top of a 57 story building. The views were staggering and the pics below just don't do it justice.

There was also an open air bar and restaurant up top and we couldn't leave without buying one drink their, so two cocktails and $60 later!!!!! We left. The funny thing was that usually it costs $20 to just go to the top and somehow we got into the wrong lift and ended up going to the top with all the super wealthy hotel guests (there are 3000 hotel rooms!) and ended up getting up the top for free, so really the cocktails were cheap if you factor that in! We had contemplated having dinner up their but after the cost of the cocktails and the fact that Top wasn't that keen on the height issue, we sensibly returned to the ground floor where we walked through all the posh shops dreaming of winning lotto. Whenever a shop has only three items in the window display and no prices, you know it's expensive!

Our cocktails at $30 a glass!!!!

Of course we also went to Chinatown and I did contemplate buying an iPhone 4 for $300, however, thankfully I didn't as it was quite obviously a knock off. While in Chinatown we sampled some local food and i crunched my way through some chilli crab. I decided that although tasty, i probably used more calories trying to get the meat out of the crab than in ingested. Give me a crayfish any day over crab.

We also tramped around the shopping centers as Top had some cosmetics he needed to buy for a couple of friends back here in Thailand. The great thing about the shopping centers was the air conditioning, however, like in Kuala Lumpur, I just found the number of choices ridiculous.

The taxi services were like Singapore super efficient. The hotel was a little disappointing, however, it had a good shower and a comfortable bed and was not too far away from anything.

All in all it was a great little side trip.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Anonymous said...

Ab great blogsnico. super to catch up on your adventures and thrilled for you thAt you hav your visa.. jack home and freezing. wet too. Love reading about your heat, pleasesend some home, we need it, shiver, shiver. HavFinand Ruby with us, I'll emailyou tonight.

Have you decided when to move oLive and xxx.

MasterBry said...

Wow, did they taste like you would hope $30 drinks would taste like ?

Is that a Pan-galactic-gargleblaster you were having?

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