Saturday, August 13, 2011

Celebrating 100 days on the road!

So, here I am 100 days after I began this adventure of mine. Never could I have imagined the interesting people I have met, or stories I can tell of my adventures. I am truly thankful for all the people I have met and places I have been to so far on this journey.

The kindness and generosity that I have come across through all the different countries, cultures and religions has just backed up what I have always felt about the human spirit - that at our most basic we are all simply striving for a sense of happiness, health and well being for ourselves, our families and those we care about.

I gather below a few of my favorite photos from the trip so far. This is by no means extensive and doesn't begin to cover the great stories I have, some of which I have shared on this website, and some of which remain in my head for those great memories in difficult times.

If this is what a mid life crisis is, then I want one every year.

Thanks so much for coming along on the ride with me. Obviously the nature of the trip has changed somewhat and it has become more about experiencing the myriad experiences and facets of life, rather than the focus being on the mode of transport :)

Whether it has been blown away by the beauty of the landscape like the pics below, or conquering my fear of flying, or navigating the crazy Bali streets on a scooter, or making new friends at traffic lights in Malaysia, or listening to the prayers at the mosques in the morning, or partying till dawn in Phuket, or falling in love in Thailand, or learning to go to the loo with no plumbing or loo paper, or pouring water over the face of a deceased person before they are cremated, or driving through the Bangkok traffic, or eating super spicy hot food, or sleeping on a concrete floor, or seeing true gratitude when I pay $3 for a meal for someone, or melting and being a sweaty mess in the heat, these 100 days have been a true blessing for me.

Mt. Ruapehu, NZ

Glenorchy, Queenstown, NZ

The Wild West Coast, NZ

Navigating Dansys Pass, NZ on a super sized cruiser

The South Island and navigating through snow

The wild west coast

NZ motorbike riding roads!

Navigating over ......

Beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast, Australia

Baby Bertha ... My scooter in Bali

A sunset setting in Bali

Luxury accommodation at my friends in Bali

Navigating Malaysian Roads .... Genting Highlands

Experiencing the crazy that are large cities ... This one KUala Lumpur, but Singapore and Bangkok too.

Blue Bertie in Malaysia

Getting lost in the middle of Malaysia

Making new friends everywhere I go

Getting stopped by the police .... Sexy ones too :)

CC Blooms in Phuket ... A home away from home

Scoopy ... My Phuket transport

Discovering the colorful aspects of Phuket nightlife

Making new friends and partying until dawn.

Meeting this beautiful man .. Who has helped me find my fun and laughter again

Singapore ... Going to the top of this incredible building... And drinking the most expensive cocktail ever.

Bangkok ...... Wow!!!!

Setting up a little home away from home in Bangkok

Being welcomed in to a family with kindness and generosity

The serenity and calm that is Buddhism

The crazy that are the markets in Thailand..

Being humbled by all these wonderful life experiences

Thanks for coming along for the journey .... Please stay with me as who knows where tomorrow will lead........

Cheers, Nick

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