Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 109 - my Swiss army knife

When I left Auckland on my travels four months ago I packed a couple of things that I thought would eb useful. A couple of them have proved to be useless and a waste of space, and a couple of things essential and indispensable.

Useless has been the all weather mini towel I bought from Kathmandu and my bathroom hangup toilet bag. Both of them I could have left at home.

Indispensable have been the multi country power plug, the iPad obviously and my Swiss army knife.

The most useful aspect of the Swiss army knife has been the bottle opener (it has opened countless bottles of beer). I have successfully used the knife to put a couple if extra holes in my belt (and one large gash in my finger and fingernail), the tweezers Yammie has used and the can opener on a few occasions.

Today we went to the nz immigration service office here in Bangkok and talk about frustrating. Talk about making it difficult for people to come and travel and/or work in new Zealand. I have found it confusing and English is my first language.

The other thing I bought was a DVD player for the condo so we can watch some DVDs in English as the only channels weber are funnily enough in Thai. At $50 for the DVD player and about $3 to buy a DVD it has been great. By the time it is time to return to new Zealand I will probably need to send a box of stuff home ahead of time. I have managed to accumulate odds and ends. The great thing is that if things go to plan and I get my apartment at home rented out again we will have a few bits and pieces for wherever we are living. If worst comes to worst we can find homes for them here.

I am actually really enjoying Bangkok and could live here for a couple of years I reckon. Yes, the traffic is hideous but in parts it is actually a beautiful city and I have grown quite accustomed to the hustle bustle. I think too that after three months in the hotter climates, my body has become more accustomed to the heat which is great because there's no doubt it's pretty bloody hot.

I am getting better at having myself understood in shops now too. I just wandered down the road to get us a bite to eat from the road side stalls that are dotted everywhere and I managed to get myself understood and understand how much I had to pay.

Yesterday I had a seriously funny moment when I went to a food stalland had got Yammie to tell me what I needed to say and all the way down the road I was practicing the line .. I was going to say in Thai ... Can I please have the yellow noodles? ... Anyway, when it came out the poor girl looked at me like I was from mars and all the people eating stopped and had a deep conversation to try and work out what I had said, then one of them worked it out. We all had a good giggle and when she said it I would of sworn that I said exactly the same thing, but it seems that my strong new Zealand accent does workagainst me sometimes. I love these interchanges though as it is all practise and I find people so appreciative that I am at least trying.

Thenext couple of days we plan to hang around Bangkok while I work out where I want to go next and we try and get visas and stuff sorted.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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