Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 96 and 97- discovering north east Thailand

Day 96

After a great breakfast I insisted on cleaning the dishes rather than sitting round like a lazy bum. This consists of squatting in the back yard just away from the house and taking water from one big pot to wash the dishes, then rinsing them with water from another big pot. My legs are starting to get used to all the squatting and sitting cross legged on the floor because there are no sofas or carpet or anything like that. My knees still creak a little bit by the end of the day but they are better.

We then set off with tops big brother Tawan and girlfriend for a tour of the area that they had planned for me. We had an awesome day and luckily tops brother drove as we went quite a distance.

The first stop was to Ban Chiang Which is a famous museum in terms of archeealogical studies and discoveries. It was very interesting and very well done. After this I spied a coffee stand where I grabbed an iced cappuccino. I have been missing my early morning coffee so enjoyed it immensely. I also picked up a coffee mug for the condo as we only have glasses.

We then set off to another popular local tourist spot called Chum Chanod which is known for just a little bit of magic with a dragon that appeared. It was a serene spot and there was again some similarities with Maori culture with that of the Taniwha. There were a number of temples where the guys paid their respects. We then picked up a bite to eat which proved to be not so good for my stomach and about 20kms down the road an emergency stop was required which sorted that.

After this we headed to some well known markets Thasadej in Nhong Khai Right across the river from the Lao border where we stopped again for a delicious lunch. At the market we found a very cheap rug for the condo.

We then headed to the Thai/Lao friendship bridge to check it out. Not that we could get very close. Interestingly Thais can go to Lao with ease with no passport required, however, if I want to go I need a visa.

Our final stop was in Udon Thani which is a large city about 70kms away from Tops family home. We took a detour to the "Big C" which is a huge department store with everything you can think of, kind of like food town and farmers combined, but on steroids.

It was a great day out and by the time we arrived home we were all stuffed.

Day 97

I had suggested that Tops parents might like Togo somewhere in the car as they don't have one and maybe there were some relatives they may like to visit. We set off very early with his parents, his little nephew and two other relatives as well as a couple of chickens and four hours later we arrived at our destination where we enjoyed a great lunch and it was obvious that tops parents had a great day out catching up with their relatives.

The trip was beautiful with the countryside very green and of course rice fields everywhere. I was absolutely stuffed after a large days drive.

Tops mum and nephew....

Today we relax as tomorrow we head back to Bangkok.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Ken said...

Hi Nick... always thought of visiting Nong kai, now I have a better reason to visit... hope you are have a great time visiting Thailand and enjoying Top's family... Ken CC Bloom's

Ken said...

Hi Nick.... hmmm... I thought I posted a comment not sure but anyway... good to see that you are enjoying yourself up north and visiting Top's Family... Thanks for sharing.... Ken CC Bloom's

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