Monday, August 15, 2011

Days 101 and 102 - Budgeting

So, I sat down on Sunday to look at how much I've spent, how many days left and my daily budget from here on. I also looked at some of the areas that I would like to go to after our fun excursion up to the North East last week.

Today we head South East a little bit for a few days r and r in Pattaya which is another part of Thailand only a couple of hours away from here and quite a popular beach destination. In fact we're going to go a bit further for the first couple of nights. Will post pics.

On Saturday I decided that after having a car for the week last week, it was just too good to have wheels again so have rented a Honda Jazz (just like my friend Jens car in NZ - Hi Jen!!!!) it's compact and cute and is great to be able to come and go as we please. When I worked out the cost of our daily taxi rides, it really wasn't that much more to have our own transport and I am getting used to and quite enjoying driving in Bangkok. It is also great having a local to navigate for me and I am starting to get my head around the CBD.

Last night we went to the movies at MBK which is a huge shopping complex of multiple floors with the cinemas at the top. We watched a new movie (with English subtitles) which was an epic tale based on fact of the beginning of Siam. It was very good. While their I had to have popcorn and coke and I see that they have adopted the American habit of oversized everything. The small coke was so big I could have swum in it, and the small popcorn so ridiculously big I could have camped in it. Pretty obscene really.

It's a short post today as it's 8.00am in the morning and we need to pack and head off, so now I've finished my morning coffee I'll go and wake sleepy bum up and we can get going..... an aside I just checked the NZHerald website and to all my friends and family back home, please stay warm and dry and take care of yourselves during the terrible weather.

Luv you all.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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Unknown said...

Looking good Nick.

Forget the car, though, buy a set of old Honda step-through scooters. The wheels of Asia, man!

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