Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days 103 and 104 ... Ko Chang

Written on Tuesday..

Yesterday we set off from Bangkok and drove 5 hours to Ko Chang which is a little island in the south east of Thailand. Smaller than Phuket Island, much of it is still unspoiled and we have a beachfront bungalow for $60 per night where we have booked in for three nights. We are also catching up with one of tops friends from Singapore who is here with her Scottish boyfriend. They are lovely. There is a definite advantage traveling in the low season as there are great deals to be had everywhere.

I have taken photos but I managed to leave the doodakey I need to upload my photos to my website on the table in the condo so the photos will have to wait for our return.

Yesterday on our arrival we grabbed a bite to eat at the hotel restaurant which was very average and proved to be my undoing in the early hours of the morning. in the evening we did go out to one of the local bars but to be honest we only had one drink because the bars were quite simply scary. The reason being that there were very few customers because it's low season so we were accosted by every bar owner and waitress to the degree that we were over it pretty fast. There was not really a chance to just sit and catch up with tops friends. I was happy to head home as my stomach was not terribly good and at 3.00am in the morning the stomach said, that's enough! I will leave the description at that point. :)

Written on Wednesday morning ...

After feeling very washed out yesterday because of the food incident we had a very quiet day with swimming in the pool and a massage. We met up with Ay and Alan and they took us to the most wonderful seafood restaurant in a little fishing village towards the other side of the island. It was situated like a pole house literally on the water. The seafood was caught that day and was fresh and lovely. We decided a quiet night was in order so we were in bed by 8.30pm and I managed to have a great sleep and feel pretty much back to 100% which is great.

Today we head to a famous waterfall where you can go swimming in a lagoon. Not sure what it's called. Will fill you in once we've been.

The plan is to stay here another night (we may stay abit longer) then stay a couple of nights in Pattaya on our way to Bangkok. I love not planning too much and just deciding as we go.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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