Friday, August 19, 2011

Days 105 and 106


Had a great day swimming at a local waterfall, along with a gaggle of Russian tourists. By the end of the day I was stuffed and we decided not to brave the nightlife again and ended up having another early night watching a bit of tv listening to the torrential rain outside. We braved the hotel food again which was not a good idea and this time it was top that ended up feeling queezy!


We checked out pretty early and managed to time our arrival at the car ferry perfectly to catch it back to the mainland. While on board the short trip a couple of young Dutch kids backpacking with their parents made friends with us (I thought it was pretty cute of them, but actually I realized pretty fast that they were actuaLy angling to have a game on the iPad which cracked me up.)

It was a pleasant four hour drive to Pattaya with a couple of stops along the way and we arrived late afternoon and set about finding some accommodation for two nights. We stopped at a couple of places and settled on a very tidy reasonably priced room just off the main beach road. After checking in and wondering around the shops to stretch our legs, and a bit of food we retired for a couple of hours Kip before hitting the nightlife.

Arriving at the first bar we were underwhelmed by the whole scene and ended up going for a bit of a dance at a local club which was better. A few too many drinks and a couple of shows at the club later we wandered home with a late night snack along the way.

I have decided that I have now had my fill of crazy busy beach locations. Give me Waihi Beach any day over the hustle bustle of these destinations. We in new Zealand just don't realize how lucky we are I think. Don't get me wrong - I have loved each and every experience, but it has also made me appreciate the upbringing and life that I have lived.

You know, just because I am a "falang" traveling in Thailand does not mean I automatically want ..... It seems in this order too ...

1= A woman
1= A ladyboy
2= A man
2= A massage
3. A beer
4. A t shirt
5. A suit
6. A taxi ride
7. A "cheap" meal

Like everything in life There is of course a huge positive flip side to this and something I definitely love about Thailand and that is a magical word called acceptance. This is very different to tolerance which has menacing undertones. This I love about Thailand and Buddhism and something that we could learn a lot about.


As we walked back along the beach today from lunch I couldn't help but think about the craziness of lounge chairs stacked and lined up row upon row along the beach and all the crazy activity that goes with it. Also, sitting out in the bay are large ships anchored up, with parasailers zooming around behind jet boats, bars crying out for business, music bleating away and smelly rubbish dotted around the streets, not to mention the guys accosting you at every corner wanting to zip you up a suit or two.

I am always polite to all who want money from me or to provide a great deal - I politely but firmly say "Mai ou Khrap" (not at all thanks) while bowing my head, now, im not one to usually swear but by the end of the day on the inside I am actually saying two words - the first starts with an F*** and the second word is off. :)

So, tomorrow we head back to Bangkok. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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