Monday, September 12, 2011

Days 126-128 Hua Hin and Koh Samui

Hua Hin

After getting our application in on Friday we decided not to delay any longer and set off late Friday to drive part of the 700 odd km's to Koh Samui. It was great to get out of Bangkok and have a change of scenery.

We drove about 300 odd km's and decided to stop in a place called Hua Hin. This is where the Thai king spends most of his time at a large palace and residence, however, at the moment he is unwell and is still in hospital. After driving around in the dark trying to find accommodation we settled on a hotel not too far from the kings residence and on the "waterfront" it was adequate and served it's purpose. We wandered down the road to a local food stall for a bit of dinner and to pick up a couple of beers before turnig in for the evening. At 5.00am we were woken by the screams of a little baby in the adjoining room, and it didn't stop till they left at 8.00am, so I was a little cranky when we checked out. :)

The waterfront! From our hotel room.

Koh Samui

We left mid morning after a very average breakfast and I was driving. Yammie had done a great job driving a good part of the distance yesterday and I could tell he was keen for more as any new driver is. I was quite happy about this as I have now officially got over the roads here. The roads are very good, but as I have stated, they are just so boring. In fact there are so few corners that every time there is one they have multiple signs up and funny mini judder bars in the middle of the road to let people know.

Fairly reflective of the roads..

With yammie driving i could take a bit of time to search for a hotel for our stay in Koh Samui. There are literally hundreds of hotels and after sensibly being talked out of staying at a five star one i found that was excessively expensive, we settled on a little boutique one in Bo Phut right on the water and only $60 a night which is great.

View from our little bungalow....

We arrived with about half an hour to spare at the ferry fpr the crossing to ko samui and were fortunate as it was the last ferry for the evening.

Thanks to the ipad and google maps which has been invaluable to us everywhere including Bangkok, we rocked on up to our accomodation at about 8.30pm. After the long days ride, we were both stuffed so first went for a little walk down the road to get our bearings and stretch our legs,then crashed for the night. We are shpcked with how quiet it is here - it really is low low season.

Sunday we drove around the island a couple of times, ate a number of times and just relaxed in a new environment. Surrounding us are overpriced tourist restaurants so we have found a couple of local places where the food is proper Thai and the prices reasonable. Last night we finished the night off with a drink at the hotel bar where I proceeded to have three Mai Thais, which were two too many then had to sit up for a while to let the slightly "I've drunk a bit much" feeling pass. Not good for the waistline either or the snoring for that matter.

Today I am hoping to organize a slightly indulgent spa treatment as these seem to be very popular here.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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Merapiko Kid said...

Sounds like a great escape out of Bangkok and a wonderful place to visit.
Enjoy the spa and many more Mai Thais, and relax in paradise.
Keep up the updates, always a great read.

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