Thursday, September 22, 2011

Days 137-138 Chai Wan

So, the last couple of days I have been helping out on the farm. This morning we tore down an old partially falling down concrete outhouse style building with sledgehammer. We then moved the Bits of concrete with a home made wheelbarrow to the front of the driveway which had become bogged down with all the mud. Then after putting the concrete pieces down in the tracks Khun Paw (yams dad) smashed them up further until they were embedded. Essentially home made gravel. Now Khun Paw and Tawan (yams older brother) are strong men used to a lifetime of hard physical work and I was just so in awe of their hard work and resourcefulness. Nothing is wasted. From the food you eat, to theresources used on the farm to make stuff, or the way everyone pitches in with all of the different jobs.

I played my part and felt very much like the soft city boy that I am but was pleased to at least be an extra pair of hands. I am now on my third shirt for the day. :) I also managed to get multiple bee sting bites on my arm when I was weeding a part of the garden. After my initial fright and worry that they were some exotic buzzy thing like the one I got stung by in Malaysia, yam rubbed on some magic ointment and all was good.

After that we went fishing with home made bamboo fishing rods. I managed to catch a couple of little fish which we threw back.

There has also been a lot of rain with thunder and lightning. When it rains it truly pours and is a great chance to fill up the water tank out the back with the rainwater from the roof, as wells number of other pots dotted around.

Last night as the rain was pouring down and yammie was sitting with his folks chatting away and laughing with his little nephew, for the first time in nearly five months on the road I had a moment of really missing New Zealand, my friends and of course my family.

We are hoping for some news on the visa front today or tomorrow, then we can head to Chiang Mai on Saturday, but as with anything in Thailand, the dates and times are fluid :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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MasterBry said...

I love the rain and thunder, sounds awesome, haha city boy I can just see you breaking rocks Nick hehehe

In that first photo, is that a river in the back ground?
Got any co-ordinates that I can google earth the place?

NZ - Suns out, weather is picking up, taking "Black Beauty" (if you can name yours, I can name mine hahaha) out for a ride in 17-18 degrees today.

Good luck on the application, here's hoping your wait will be over soon.

Bryan & Hayley.

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