Thursday, September 29, 2011

Days 146-148 Chiang Mai flooding

So, after returning to Bangkok on Sunday from up north we stopped in to NZImmigration on Monday to drop off three more pieces of information they required. I am going to leave any comments on this for nowand will return to the topic when we have yammies passport back.

On Tuesday we ooed and ahhed about coming to Chiang Mai or not just in case we were asked for more information, but as we don't have any more information to give we decided to come anyway. We left at about midday and struck heavy rain and some nasty flooding on the way up which has caused much destruction to farmland.

I also managed to get a speeding ticket on the way out of Bangkok along the tollway. I was going more than a little bit too fast, but with Yammie beside me and a few broad smiles we negotiated the fine down to 200 bhat :) ... Yay!

As it was nearly 800 km's it was great to share the driving with my man who is doing a great job and really takes on board my constant suggestions (read nagging :))

Arriving at about 9.00pm we checked in then wandered down the road for some noodles before retiring early as it had been a big driving day.

Today the rain had obviously moved north as the river here has burst it's banks with much of the houses and businesses close to the river flooded. We actually unwittingly were in the middle of it as we were heading back to the hotel from looking at the Noi Su Thep Temple which was very impressive and had to cross the river to get to our hotel which is right on the riverside. We ended up driving through some deep brown river water that was fast flooding the streets. Thankfully our little car made it through nd we didn't get lost. I did say a quiet prayer as the water got quite deep and although I wasn't scared for our safety I did have visions of the car stalling and it would not have been a pretty site.

Below - flooding in Chiang Mai

(outside our hotel) - on the other side of the river much more severe.

Homes and businesses and roads flooded..

Tomorrow we are heading to Chiang Rai. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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