Monday, September 5, 2011

De stressing at the beach

We are still waiting on a document from our immigration guy in new Zealand, so this morning we took a couple of documents to be translated, I rescheduled my todays Thai lesson, we dropped off our laundry then picked up Bun who we haven't seen for a couple of weeks and drove a couple of hours out of Bangkok to Saen Suk to sit on the beach, eat some food and get a bit of seaair which has been very good for me as this sitting around waiting for other people to get things done for us so we can present our application to nz immigration is driving me up the wall and around the bend.

There is also some interest in my apartment which is great and this evening there were three appointments to view it so we will see how that goes. Of course, when I rent it out again, we will need to find somewhere to live, but my plan, hopefully not too flawed is that when we come back wecanspend a couple of weeks staying with friends and family and I can show Yam a bit of NZ then we find a one bedroom apartment and I go back to work at the beginning of November. That's the plan at the moment, but these things are of course subject to a whole lot of other things.

We have talked about a trip to koh Samui and also to return up north to udon Thani Provence to see yams family before flying out. Of course, we don't want to plan these yet until we have some certainty about his visa and if we have to go in to immigration for an interview or more information or anything.

So, we wait.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Unknown said...


Best of luck with the immigration, it sounds like an enjoyable snafu. Sorry you've got to go back to work. Work sucks.

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MasterBry said...

I am sure Bertha is missing you by now too Nick !

The weather has come right the last couple of weekends (not the temp you are in, but good for NZ spring) and the roads have been dry and the sun shining.
I am sure Bertha would love to be out of that cold dark garage :-)

We do hope all your plans come together soon :-)

Are you now done for riding abroad ?

Nick said...

Hi masterbry. I think probably the short answer to that is yes, on the current trip. I think by the time we work through the immigration stuff, it will just about be time to head home. I will return tho!

In saying that I find myself thinking about Bertha a lot and looking forward to spring/summer runs. I am starting To think about NZ so TimE is drawing near when I will be ready to come home.

Nick said...

Next time I definitely bring Bertha with me :)

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