Sunday, September 4, 2011

I was a little bit stressed ...

I wrote this yesterday....

So the last couple of days we have been gathering the required information for yammies visa. The reason it's taking longer than just applying for a visitor visa is because he obviously would like to work while in New Zealand which means a work visa down the track, so what we provide now will impact on that process, plus, because he is my partner this is another layer of complexity.

We have an immigration specialist from a friends law firm on the case, but communicating between two countries and having lots of questions about why we have to do certain things is proving to be very frustrating. Of course, it doesn't help that I am a control freak and want everything sorted yesterday.

Add to this the stress of getting anything done here, as every time we want to print something out we have to go to an Internet shop which entails sitting in traffic for extended periods of time and even finding somewhere that had modern equipment to scan and send documents proved to be a mission. It does take a long time to do anything here, like yesterday we went to the central police station to apply for a police check for him. It took the whole afternoon and we have to wait two weeks for the certificate.

I think too it is just the stress of wanting it to all go to plan, because obviously I want yam to get to new Zealand so I can show him around and grow our relationship further and give him an opportunity that he really wants and is not something that was even remotely possible for him a few months ago.

I also find myself starting to think about work again!

So as you can see there's a fair bit whizzing around in my head. The biggest issue for us though is that while we get everything sorted we are just kind of in limbo and can't really go anywhere until we pit the application in and get an answer.

Written this morning ....

I sent off a long email to Aaron, our immigration guy in new Zealand yesterday with a large number of questions and followed up with a phone call as he had kindly (or blindly) given me his after hours number.

I felt a lot better after talking with him and he had worked through each of our many questions. We now have just about everything in order and hopefully once we have two documents translated and have re written the applications fixing our errors, we can go to immigration on Wednesday and/or Thursday and lodge the application.

I have suggested to yam that after that we go away for a few days and go on another of our mini trips - I am thinking Koh Samui. If we can get their, then I would have covered a great deal of the country before heading home.

So, slowly, it's all coming together - one step at a time.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


SonjaM said...

As you were saying... one step at a time. We have been there... immigration to Canada also involved a lot of scrutiny by the officials including health status etc. On the plus side we were a married couple which made the justification of bringing a partner along much easier. Best of luck for the two of you.

The Merapiko Crusader said...

Hey Nick,
Hang in there, sounds like it's all coming together.
Whilst it's stressful, and lashings of red tape does slow things down, you'll work through it.
Trust all is going well.
May write my next comment in Thai to see how your course is coming along!

Nick said...

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Merapiko Crusader ... I am intrigued as you didn't leave your name :) or my memories really bad :) or your just passing through... :)

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