Friday, September 9, 2011

It's in!

Written yesterday ....

So, we think we have everything in order except for the covering letter that is coming from our immigration guy in new Zealand. He's said it will be in my inbox by Friday morning our time so we can stop at the Internet shop and print it out on our way to the immigration office. We want to be at the office at 9.00am when it opens so we can get at the front of the queue. It has been an extremely long process to get to this point and I am hopeful that we have everything in order.

I am actually getting quite excited but nervous about the visa as I'm really keen to get Yammie back to new Zealand to meet my friends and family.

Written today ....

We have just returned from nz immigration where we have finally lodged our application for yammies visa to come to NZ. Neither one of us got much sleep last night when we turned the light off at 1.00am this morning after re checking the paperwork for the umpteenth time.

I was wide awake at 6.00am and went straight to my iPad and sure enough the covering letter from Aaron was sitting in my inbox. After a shower and a check that we had everything we headed to the Internet shop at about 8.30am with the hope that it was open. It was and I printed the stuff out and it was a short ride to the nzimmigration office. Unfortunately most of Bangkok were on the roads and we fought our way to arrive bang on 9.00am at the office. Then we struck a snag - there was roadworks where we were meant to turn in and because of the traffic and the terrible one way roads we ended up taking 45 mins! To do a big loop to finally arrive a shade before 10.00am a little frazzled from all the traffic and the fact we had been driving on empty for a good 10km's.

Anyway, we took our number and diligently waited for another hour and a half before presenting our application which the lady looked through, we paid the application money and now have to wait one to two weeks for the outcome. Thanks to Aaron at Brookfields we had an official cover letter from him addressed to the chief bangkok lady so we will just have to wait and see.

Although there is more waiting I think we just feel relief that at least it is now in the system. Also, now I can plan our next little trip away. Were going to head to Koh Samui for a few days, probably leaving tomorrow or Sunday. Yay!

On Wednesday just past we took a trip to one of the large temples here in Bangkok for a bit of fun and endured the intense heat to climb a million stairs to get to the top.

Also, on one of our trips to one of the large department stores, i just had to take a snap of the triple parking in the carpark building. Basically they line up an extra row of cars and you have to leave your handbreak off and in neutral so the car park wardens can push the car forward or back if someone needs to get out.

An auspicious day today ...

Apart from us lodging our visa application, and it been the 9th of the 9th which is apparently a good thing her in Thailand, i suppose i cannot go past the fact it is the first day of the Rugby World Cup and NewZealand, if the media reports are anything to go by, is gripped by a certain level of madness and mayhem around this.

I say good luck to all teams. Have a great time!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Unknown said...


I suppose congrats are in order. I know this was a big point of stress for you. I'm happy to see you're through it. I'll be happy when our paperwork goes through and is finished here in Germany as well. Blech. Bureaucracy.

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MasterBry said...

Well good luck with the VISA thing Nick, hopefully it will work out as you hope.

Your looking very trim in that photo, the heat and diet seems to suit you :-)

You better budget on having to buy new bike gear when you get back to Gods Own...

Is that fog or smog inside that car park building :-)

SonjaM said...

You've done best you could. I keep my fingers crossed.
Now, off to Koh Samui with you guys, relax a bit, and enjoy the beach.

Where is your All Blacks tee? You should wear it every day for the next six weeks ;-)

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