Friday, September 16, 2011

Karaoke (Thai style) and the police

So, last night I had a great time and yet another new experience to add to the notches on the belt.

Two of yammies friends had birthdays (23 and 24) and his group of girlfriends had organized a Karaoke night out. They are all 20 something girls and they love to sing and dance. Now, when Yammie said Karaoke, I was thinking a bar with a big TV and singing in front of a whole lot of people, but no, it's much more upmarket than that.

You get your own private room with a groovy surround sound system and 1000's of songs to choose from. There are comfy seats and you can order food and drinks from the waitresses that pop in and out. It proved to be an awful lot of fun. The girls had an awesome time and I even managed to sing a few songs (English and Thai with the transliteration running along the bottom of the screen).

At the end of the evening I suggested we run the girls home so we put down the seats in the back of the car and we piled 7 people in to get them home. By now it was nearly 2.00am and a number of them had to work today, so I can only imagine how tired they all are.

On our trip around the city to drop everyone off, it was lovely as there were no traffic jams like during the day, but we did go through two police check points and at one I was stopped and had to get out of the car and do a breath test. The police seemed quite amused with a falang driving a car with a gaggle of young slightly drunk loud girls in the back.

Luckily my sensible shoes and responsibility taught to me by my mum paid off as I had only had a couple of glasses of beer through the whole night because I was driving, so there was no problem with the breath test and we carried on our way, with the policeman wishing me a good night. Yammie had got out of the car and looked really concerned, but I told him not to worry and reminded him that this was why driving a car is a serious business and you need to be responsible always because you don't know what's round the corner, whether it be a cop, or crazy driver, or truck across the road.

By the time we dropped everyone off and got home it was three o'clock in the morning so we fell in to bed, or rather on our mat we have on the floor to sleep on. As I write this he is still sleeping, but it is hard to change the habits of a lifetime and I was wide awake at 7.30am this morning checking my emails to see whether we had any progress on the visa front.

Aaron at Brookfields in nz has been great at communicating and apparently our application has been "accepted for processing and decision making" and now needs to be "assigned" to a "case worker" for "review and decision making" I think this is a flash way of saying they are busy and it is sitting in a pile on someone's desk.

So, this exciting wonderful mid life crisis journey continues ....

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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