Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surrounded by flooding!

Well, our trip today to Chiang Rai is not going to happen because we can't get our car out currently from our hotel as we are surrounded by water on all sides. The river has burst it's banks in a number of places and basically much of inner Chiang Mai is underwater including roads, homes and businesses.

I have just been for a walk and waded through thick brown river water to try and see whether we had a route we could take to get the car out. The problem is that it is a little car and not a four wheel drive. Looking at the local map there was one possibility apart from the two main roads which are completely underwater. Unfortunately wandering down the third option it was apparent that although part were not underwater, other parts of the road were deep with water but worse, for the locals, Manu of the homes were flooded too.

The thing is that maybe three streets away from the river is fine but because our hotel (holiday inn) is situated right next to the river it has made coming and going by car inaccessible. In saying that, Thai people seem to just get on with life with a smile and a laugh. Shops that are very nearly flooded are open, stalls on the side of the road are serving food and big trucks are dropping people off at work. See pictures below.

So, hopefully the river may have gone down just enough tomorrow so we can head off. We may cancel the Chiang Rai leg of the journey and head straight back to Bangkok but we will see how we go.

As I said to Yammie - the main thing is that we are okay. I had a huge breakfast this morning so I'm good for a couple of days. Haha.

We are lucky - we are just passing through. It is the locals with flooded homes and businesses I feel for.

Anyway, we will see what happens with the river in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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MasterBry said...

Lets hope there isn't anything nasty floating about in that muddy flow that you were wading about in :-)

Another "real life" experience of what the locals have to deal with, very interesting insight into the country Nick.

I do hope the river subsides soon for you.

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