Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau and Home ....

Sorry about the delay in getting this post out. Between bad internet coverage, zooming around with limited time and long flights home, this post is overdue.....

Written last Friday

As I write this it is Friday morning and we will soon check out of the hotel and head to the airport. It has been a very nice stay here for the last two nights at Lebua at State Tower.

We met with our landlord yesterday so got the sign off of the apartment. We also dropped the car off. Thursday night was a farewell party for Yammie from his friends. We went to a huge place called "holland beer" where they had a stage about three times the size of the Auckland town hall with live music and great entertainment. A couple of the girls got fairly emotional as you can imagine as they have very little knowledge and understanding of my country except that it it a he'll of a long way away. Being very close, they are of course pulled between feeling excited for Yammie about this amazing opportunity and being sad about him leaving.

I have gotten to know them well and have grown to love his close knit circle of girlfriends as they are incredibly loyal with each other and as is the case with gen y? They Share all their highs and lows together. They have embraced me during my time here and I will miss them too.

"the girls"

Tonight, running down Soi Silom was a huge festival to do with the local temple which has caused chaos with the already bad traffic and has really encompassed everything I love about Thailand ... Throngs of people, crazy roads, a heap of cheap good food and great atmosphere.

Written on Sunday - hong kong and Macau

We left Bangkok on friday and had a short flight to Hong Kong where we had an easy run through imigration. We caught a taxi to the hotel where we were immediatly disappointed with the accom, but only three nights so we could cope. After a leisurly stroll to stretch our legs and grab abite to eat we crashed in to bed for the night where i proceeded to feel quite ill probably from a combination of bad food and a lack of sleep.

On Saturday we decided to head to Macau for the day but decided once we were there to stay for the night at the venetian casino and hotel where they have 3000 over the top hotel rooms aspart of a ridiculously large complex. It was totally worth it and shortly before we were due to leave I managed to win a bit of money which meant a bit of shopping and it had covered our weekend their. excellent! I bought a really nice wallet, Yammie a bag, and my mum a little gift. We caught the ferry back to spend our last night in Hong Kong before the long trip home tomorrow.

It is with a surprisingly heavy heart that I think about packing tomorrow and heading home. I feel excitement about catching up with my friends and family and of course having Yammie come to NZ with me and showing home round and seeing where life takes us, but I am filled with this huge sense of sadness that this trip of a lifetime is nearly at an end. It has changed me in so many ways and there is no doubt that I am worried about rejoining the workforce. I have definitely left a part of me in Thailand too. Coming to Hong Kong there are just so mNy stark differences. I do so hope Yammie doesn't get a shock when he finds that not everyone is open and kind and respectful of others.

Written in New Zealand

We had a very long trip home before getting the Spanish inquisition at the airport and been lead to a different area at the airport where we were questioned further, then after an extra hour or so at immigration we were allowed to go. Yay! We were in New Zealand.

Yay! In new zealand ... Cold, but we're home!

....more to come in a few days :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Unknown said...


Congratulations, you made it. It's obviously a bittersweet success, but I'm glad it was a success. Now it's back to "life." Strange, huh?

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

MasterBry said...

Welcome back Nick, and welcome Yammie to NZ, I do hope you don't freeze to bits !

How's Bertha Nick, did she miss you :-)

Nick said...

Thanks Bryan. Yes, it's bloody cold. Took the cover off Bertha yesterday. She started first go ... Looking forward to going for a ride big time :)

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