Monday, November 29, 2010

An Awesome Weekend away....

What an amazing weekend away! ... The Second Annual "Thuderbird Round the Coromandel Ride" took place in the weekend..with approximately 70 bikes and picture perfect weather it was a recipe for fun, fun fun! We had cruisers, sporties and tourers so a great selection of beautiful bikes to check once we arrived in Whitianga.

We set off from Colemans Suzuki on Saturday morning heading for Whitianga where we stayed the night and partied the night way. We had stopped at Bombay and Kopu where we picked up bikes along the way. Sunday saw equally stunning weather and we finished the loop having made new friends and caught up with old ones.

There is something pretty spectacular about watching a huge line of bikes heading down a curvy curly New Zealand country road.

A few pics below and of course I had to take a few of Big Bertha (my bike) ... she's a beauty! :)

Big Bertha...
and again...

Simply stunning weather...

A huge big congratulations to Troy who organised the event and to Kevin and Kathy as ride captains who did a sterling job!

It was a great weekend!

Cheers, Nick.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Naughty Mid Week Ride....

I woke up this morning and looked out my window and saw blue sky - lots and lots of blue sky - and thought - ride!

Actually I had been contemplating it last night as when I looked at my diary I had no appointments lined up for the day so the fact that the day dawned fine was just an added bonus.

I set off home and promptly forgot my camera but decided not to come back for it. I decided to head north as I would encounter less of the morning commuter traffic. I set off from home in Freemans Bay and the first stop was to fuel up. At the local Caltex I met a fella who was waiting for a tow truck to turn up to pick up his bike as the electrics had all failed - felt really sorry for him, expecially with this great weather!

As I headed north I immediatly settled in to the rhythms and sounds of the old girl (BTW I have now named my new "old girl" - Big Bertha - it came to me as I was watching some of the sporties zigzagging between traffic on the motorway thinking about my extra wide girth - both rider and bike :)

Before I knew it, I was at the foot of the Brenderwyns and ready for breakfast so stopped at the cafe and had great tasting scrambled eggs and flat white and soaked in the early morning sunshine. Next stop - Whangarei - zipped through Whangarei in no time and as I headed further North the traffic lessened. At Kawakawa I carried north to Kaikohe and for a brief moment contemplated carrying on the Cape Reinga but then decided to head west to Omapere along some magical roads, through the forest, past Tane Mahuta and on to Dargaville. Through Dargaville with a late lunch stop just south and then popped out at the Brenderwyns again and back home down SH1..... about 560km's

I'm still smiling :)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Over 700km's on the bike today...

Have just come back from an awesome days ride. :)

A friend of mine was heading to Wellington for the weekend so I tagged along as far as Turangi then meandered back to Auckland. The weather was just awesome, and even better when I found out the weather in Auckland had been pretty crappy today :)

I found a couple of roads that were just fantastic riding roads. We left early this morning from Central Auckland and basically stuck to SH1 all the way to Turangi with a couple of stops along the way - breakfast in the morning at my folks place in Hamilton and a couple of fuel and ciggie stops.

At Turangi my friend carried on and I took the road up the west side of the lake. I have ridden this road before and it is just fantastic for bikes - highly recommended!

I popped out at Whakamaaru Dam and decided to head back north via heading west to Te Kuiti first - I had never driven/ridden that road, and again, the road was just awesome! The scenery waasnt that exciting but who cares when you've got a fab road ahead of you and bugger all traffic.

With no one else around it was a great chance to really open the new old girl - I did open her up briefly but when I got to a three figured number with an 8 in it that was quite enough as there was more left in her, so then throttled back to a much more respectable and SAFE speed - once is enough just so I know she can :)

Popped out at Te Kuiti then headed to Hamilton (not an overly exciting road) then home to Auckland following the other side of the river.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm planning a trip....

Ive decided that I want to do a motorbike tour overseas somewhere in the next 18 months. The current plan is to take between three and five weeks to jump on a bike and see a bit of the world. I am thinking that it will be around August/September next year.

Originally I had dreams of traversing across terra firma on a bike by myself but I think that this is a little bit more to bite off at this juncture. Better I think to do a guided tour and get a feel for it first.

There are a range of destinations and different companies that can do this. Has anyone done a guided motorbike tour and have any feedback about it? or any ideas on this topic? Id be very appreciative while I am gathering info.

Heres a little video of one company that does tours in South America ...

Monday, November 15, 2010

I have a new email and domain name...

With a little bit of time on my hands I always fall into the trap of tinkering with my websites and everything related, so, on that note I have a new email address and domain name.

I have bought the domain name and am in the process of moving my blog to that domain name. It makes little change in that the original address of will still work however what I really wanted was a new email address that I could take anywhere and use anywhere and that was not work related and also was not a free one covered in advertising, so the new email is up and running and I think Ive updated it in the records, so if you need to message me just use this new email address - I have checked that it is working.

On motorbike matters, my beauty is due for her 6000km service - the way Ive been racking up the km's it feels that my second home is colemans suzuki. I mananaged to get away on Friday and spent the night in Hamilton catching up with my lovely folks - I actually took a long block down to Hamilton via Matamata and Tirau and managed to very nearly run out of gas - luckily I came across a service station just in time.

I am also keen to get an ipod or something that I can listen to a bit of music while riding - I dont really want an ear piece as I still want to be able to concentrate - any suggestions? Below is the small run I did on Fri/Sat

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I found a great new bike website...

So, this world wide web is pretty cool!

I found a new website that I have been looking at lately. I have a bit of a plan that I want to take a long journey on my bike out of NZ and I have been researching this idea further.

Anyway, the website I discovered has a great forum for those looking at going further afield around the world on their motorbikes - it is a little commercial, but even so, theres a huge amount of info on it. Ive actually added a link down on the bottom right of mu blog - the website is

All its done is given me a motivational shot to get my a into g with my planning.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Great days ride on Sunday..

Yesterday the crew met at Ellerslie and we headed off down to Paeroa, Bethlehem and across to the Okoroire for lunch at the pub then across to Ohinewai and back home to Auckland. Eleven bikes made the journey and it was a bit of a celebration with our ride captains having just picked up their new Blue M109 on Friday so were chomping at the bit to start loading the km's on it. One of the other guys had also "de beavered" his M109 so was taking it for a spin too and to top it off I had picked up my new shiny bike with its replacement bits on it so was keen to get out on the road.

The weather proved to be absolutely perfect for the day.

Below is a review of the day by Mr Troy Hardy who works wonders with a camera on his bike. I am also putting a link to the advertising for our big ride on the 27th and 28th November to Whitianga and around the Coromandel. Check it out - its going to be an awesome weekend with bikes of all shapes and sizes! Again , a huge thanks to Mr Troy Hardy for all his hard work in this department.

To check out more rides jump on to Troys youtube site .....

Sundays Ride......

27/28th November....THunder Beach Weekend...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Auckland area based Cruiser's the website for you...

For those of you who enjoy riding and equally enjoy stopping for a flat white and/or beer and/or ciggie I've got the website for you .....

Check out one of our rides below - sorry about the ads along the bottom - don't know how to get rid of them!

Its called "Colemans Cruisers" and is an incredibly user friendly site to post and or add yourself to posted rides. These are the guys and girls I like to ride with. With a whole range of abilities and riders from all walks of life the one thing in common is a love of riding.

What's even better is the fact that its really easy to use - simply join up - all you need is a user name and email address and then you can post rides and/or join up to posted rides. Theres no forum for discussion so it is quite simply a ride site.

If you are keen to get to know other like minded riders, these are the rides to do it - they're a friendly bunch. When I got back in to riding it was these guys who I got to know. So, I urge you to check it out and its a great opportunity to make new friends.

Cheers, Nick.

I have been so SLACK...

I just wanted to briefly update my blog so that if anyone does actually read it :) they know I'm still around. I have just been incredibly busy and when I have had time I didnt have the energy to jump on line.

I have been loving the new bike - nearly 6000km's so far and that includes a little break when it had to go in to the shop because of a little mishap between myself, the road and a telephone poll.

Long story short, my ego was more bruised than me as it was a "slow speed" "slow motion" mishap coming out of the service station going about 3kms an hour :) - Ive been riding 20 years and it was the stupidest thing - however, a really good reminder that

a. I have short legs and
b.the bike is heavy and
c. its so important to be focused at all times on the bike.

Since the last blog Ive been all over the North Island when Ive had time which has been just awesome! and did I say that I'm having a love affair with the bike?

Anyway, hope all is well out in motorbike land for you.


I'm back!

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