Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 87 - one final big night out

The tickets are booked for Sunday to Bangkok and i will bid farewell to Phuket island which has become like a second home. I cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed my time here and yes, there has been a fair bit of partying included which i have actually thoroughly enjoyed as it is not something i regularly do or experience to this degree at home.

Thursday night I did nothing and went nowhere so I could get better. This proved to be sensible and on Friday we had a fairly quiet day as it was Tops day off and as heading to Bangkok on Sunday it was important to have one final big night out. I thought it would be pertinent to make it Friday night as the thought of traveling on a plane the morning after a big night was not something I wanted to do.

I have also learnt that to get through a "big night out" on the town I require an early evening nap of a couple of hours so I have the juice to make it through :) one thing about Thailand which is similar to much of Asia is that the population tend to be night owls. At 3.00am in the morning the restaurants are buzzing with locals and there are people everywhere.

So, at about 10.00pm after my nap we headed off on the scooter, first to the infamous Bangla Road we here we had a drink at one of the many bars and again soaked in the crazy atmosphere with the tourists, hawkers, bar girls, dancers, loud music, food stalls and general madness and mayhem.

Bangla Road .... Dream Soi for men seeking love for one hour, one night, one week or a lifetime :) .... Or just wanting a damn good night out!

After a short time there and a couple of photos for the album :) we headed off to grab a bite to eat. It was then time to go visit one of the bars where I have got to know the owner and staff very well. After this bar closed it was time to head to "sanook" - a local live music spot where there are only really locals rather than farang. Here we enjoyed live music, a bit more food, some fine whisky and a Turkish style smoking pipe. With much laughter and dancing (which has been great for my figure) we saw the night out before wandering home at around 6.00am......again!

Sing, Sam and Tom

This is Sing ... The long night finally caught up with him....

Gotta love technology ....

It was a fitting way to end my time here on Phuket island and I will miss all the new friends I have made and incredibly interesting people I have met. I will return here, that's for sure :)

So, tomorrow, it's check out time, then a short flight to Bangkok where I have booked what looks to be a very nice hotel for two nights while I organize appointments to view some apartments to rent. As soon as I have done this, I will find a bike and look to get out and about a.s.a.p.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 85 and 86 Bronchitis, Bangkok and grasshoppers

Today I am having an extremely quiet day having done a great job of getting a nasty bout of bronchitis. The staff here have been great and yesterday afternoon I headed off to the doctor to get some medication and have a check up. Sure enough, I had a fever, a nasty cough, phlegm and bronchitis. The doctor was great and very thorough and I now have a number of pills to combat all of the above. Yesterday and last night I was well looked after and today I have done virtually nothing as I am keen to get the sweats under control as it's not a very nice look, that's for sure. The annoying thing is that it was completely self induced as I fell asleep a couple of nights ago on top of the bed with the air conditioning on, blowing full tilt onto me.

I am planning to be on a plane on the way to Bangkok on Sunday so am keen to get this sorted.

On a slightly funnier note, a couple nights ago I feasted on grasshoppers, slugs and beetles or cockroaches. They were roasted and I quite enjoyed the grasshoppers, but not so much the slugs and beetles. I am not sure whether my stomach enjoyed them too much as I think they could be the cause of my iffy stomach!

The weather here has been quite volatile the last week or so with rain and wind coming in irregularly with lots of moist heat.

Today I will book for Bangkok and I have to say that I am really excited about a number of things.

Firstly, finding an apartment that I can base myself at and setting up home as it were so that I spend some time not living out of a bag. Secondly, I will have an opportunity to buy a decent big bike with a lot more choices seeing that Bangkok is so large and a third reason that I will talk about in a few days when i have worked out some of the practicalities. I already have the first journey on the bike from Bangkok sorted in my head - up to the north east of Thailand to the Isaan area, and the second will be to Chiang Mai. I also plan to go to school in Bangkok to learn some more/better Thai.

Yes, it is true Bryan :) that my plans have changed somewhat but that is the beauty of life, sometimes when you least expect it, new roads are created.

Today and tomorrow will consist of going slow so that i can kick the bronchitis. I actually feel okay. It is just at night when i get an annoying cough which stops me from sleeping that its a pain. I am hopeful that i will be so stuffed tonight that i will have to sleep.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So, here I am a couple days close to checking out and I feel like absolute crap. I woke up this morning with a fever, sore throat and horrible dry cough. To top it off my Stomach is iffy too.

I actually felt it begin to come on yesterday so took some preventative measures from my first aid kit with some panadol from home, not that it did any good. I had a massage a couple of days ago which sometimes interestingly does cause me to get sick, however, I think the most likely scenario is a couple nights ago I fell asleep on top of the bed with the air conditioning unit going full bore and I think I may have got a very nasty chill.

Anyway, I am drinking lots of water, having been taking panadol for the headache and got some brightly colored pills from the pharmacy so we will see how I feel tomorrow.

So, I'm heading back to bed now and I'll see whether I can sleep this off.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 80 - Back at CC's

Written yesterday ...

So, after an early evening arrival back at the hotel last night with poor old Top having to have a brief rest before starting the midnight shift at the hotel, I sat up for a while to keep him company and at about 2.00am headed to bed.

Today consisted of breakfast out then a very quiet day to recharge the old batteries before the mid year Christmas party this evening. Now that most people have left I am ready for a late night swim before collapsing again in to bed. The party was a success with a cabaret show, free flowing drinks and food for about 40 people. (and just for the record, after my first weeks excess, I have minimized my drinking big time)

Tomorrow I spend a bit of time contemplating my next move. Of course, with the visa now stamped it has eased the concern of running out of time. I am looking at a number of options as last week I went around a number of bike shops and there was potentially a problem with hiring from here as they were not keen on me taking the bike further than Phuket island and of course they wanted to keep hold of my passport which although i understand why, as they don't have first party insurance here, I am not keen to leave it as I could potentially be traveling for a while and if Malaysia is anything to go by, I am bound to get stopped by the police so I will like to have my passport handy. On closer inspection at the one shop I found that was prepared to let me take the bike, I found the bike to be seriously lacking in terms of it's condition so this got me to thinking about new plans ...

And I do have another plan which is beginning to look very promising.

It would entail flying to Bangkok from here (about an hour away), renting a flat for the three months I am still in Thailand and thus having a base. For around 15,000 baht a month (about $600 or $150 per week) I can potentially get a brand new one bedroom apartment in a new block with swimming pool and onsite gym. (I've been googling and asking around) I have also decided that while in Bangkok I may just take some Thai language lessons. Getting an apartment will be a great opportunity to "set up house" so that I feel like I have a home over here plus it will ultimately be a much cheaper option for me than doing the hotel thing and i can really immerse myself in the culture.

I am even thinking that I may buy a bike in Bangkok and then sell it when I leave. Now, don't panic. It sounds as if I am setting myself up for the long haul but rest assured, at this stage I will be heading back to New Zealand for Christmas. By this time I reckon I'll have pretty much exhausted my budget and will then have to make some decisions as I will need to go back to work at the very latest in the New Year. In saying that, I am not ruling out returning to Thailand in the New Year to work, but as it is very very early days and I have no idea how I will feel in another couple of months, I am making absolutely no drastic decisions.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


So, as I write this I have just returned from a whirlwind three days in Singapore and what a great time I had!

The great news is that the purpose of the trip was to get an extra three month visa for Thailand and I was successful, so I can now stay until the end of October which is just awesome news!

I am so pleased I got the company here in Phuket to organize the paperwork because there was a relatively easy wait in a queue on Thursday at the embassy to hand it all in where people were been sent away because things were not right on their forms. When I rocked up to the window I had everything in order and in under a minute it was all stamped, they took my passport and I returned today at 2.00pm to pick it up with the visa inside. I am now back in Thailand and have lots of new options.

Before leaving to Singapore on Wednesday I paid my bill here at the hotel and for two weeks worth of accommodation, food, some alcohol, washing done, daily scooter rental and odds and ends it came out to approximately $62 per day. I have now booked in for a further three nights or so depending on the next step.


What an interesting city. Super well organized it had some incredible architecture and was extremely clean and tidy. It was also stinking hot. Top and I did a fair bit of walking, as well as taxi taking and wandered through multiple shopping centers. The cost of everything is actually very high with the Singapore dollar and new Zealand dollar fairly comparable. I bought a few little gifts for my friends here, a $3 ring watch from Chinatown which was working very well until I jumped in the pool this evening forgetting I had it on, and one tshirt.

One of the most memorable aspects of the trip was our little jaunt to Marina Bay Hotel and Casino. It wasn't the casino that was memorable, as they are all alike inside, it was the incredible architecture of the place. It also has the most phenomenal roof top area with a swimming pool, outside observatory and dance clubs all on top of a 57 story building. The views were staggering and the pics below just don't do it justice.

There was also an open air bar and restaurant up top and we couldn't leave without buying one drink their, so two cocktails and $60 later!!!!! We left. The funny thing was that usually it costs $20 to just go to the top and somehow we got into the wrong lift and ended up going to the top with all the super wealthy hotel guests (there are 3000 hotel rooms!) and ended up getting up the top for free, so really the cocktails were cheap if you factor that in! We had contemplated having dinner up their but after the cost of the cocktails and the fact that Top wasn't that keen on the height issue, we sensibly returned to the ground floor where we walked through all the posh shops dreaming of winning lotto. Whenever a shop has only three items in the window display and no prices, you know it's expensive!

Our cocktails at $30 a glass!!!!

Of course we also went to Chinatown and I did contemplate buying an iPhone 4 for $300, however, thankfully I didn't as it was quite obviously a knock off. While in Chinatown we sampled some local food and i crunched my way through some chilli crab. I decided that although tasty, i probably used more calories trying to get the meat out of the crab than in ingested. Give me a crayfish any day over crab.

We also tramped around the shopping centers as Top had some cosmetics he needed to buy for a couple of friends back here in Thailand. The great thing about the shopping centers was the air conditioning, however, like in Kuala Lumpur, I just found the number of choices ridiculous.

The taxi services were like Singapore super efficient. The hotel was a little disappointing, however, it had a good shower and a comfortable bed and was not too far away from anything.

All in all it was a great little side trip.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Friends around the world

Days 74,75 and 76 - A Time for Reflection

One of the most wonderful aspects of my travels since I closed the door of my apartment 76 days ago and bid farewell to my "suited" life for a while has been the new friends I have made from all over the world. Occasionally people's eyes pop out when I say I am traveling by myself across south east Asia. I can see them thinking and some have said to me, but you must be so lonely? ....are you crazy? ... And parts of it On a motorbike? On the contrary, dear sir and madam, not only does it give me full and utter control over what I do, where I go and the like, it has also meant that I am not constrained by itineraries and time frames as can be evidenced by my extra three weeks in Phuket.

Now, in saying that, your life and experiences are what you make of them and you probably could be a lonely old fart if you wanted to, but I choose not to be like that so have engratiated myself on fellow travelers, staff at accommodation, shop keepers and locals alike. As a result I have made some great friends as I go along. For example, yesterday I received emails from fellow travellers Hubert and Bernadette from Austria who stayed here last week as well as travelers from Holland - Marc and Herlind who I met on the side of the road in a town in Malaysia who did what i did and packed up their lives and have been traveling only by local transport around the world. There was the lovely couple from England who made me laugh and gave me a great tip to cool down when I'm super overheated. There was the English chap here last week who like me was having a mini mid life crisis,and another lovely young couple who were doing the same as me except started in china and are working their way down the map instead of up.

Of course, the other advantage of traveling by oneself is the ability to strike up friendships with locals and I have struck up a number of friendships. And Of course, there are all my new Facebook friends :)

Usually, for someone to do something as crazy as taking an undetermined amount of time off work, pack up his life in to boxes and buy an air ticket and go and spend a decent portion of his life savings, there is usually an event that is the cause of this madness. For me, it was the break up of my long term relationship at the beginning of the year and it is time for me to let it go. Over the last three weeks i Think that I have done a pretty good job of dancing and drinking this away, and now it is time to move on in both the practical sense and in my heart too. I have grieved enough. God I'm melodramatic!

While here I have met someone sweet and kind who has done a lot to help me regain my sense of fun and laughter and joy of life. Leaving next week will not be so much fun and for the first time, I have a greater sense of sadness about leaving this port than I do of excitement for the next leg of the journey. In saying that, the epiphany on this trip is that I am in control of what paths I take. I do not regret a moment of my time here.

A few weeks ago I made a comment on here about whether you had thought about at what point you went from dancing in the rain fully clothed to not going out because you didn't have an umbrella. Well, the three weeks here have been about dancing in the rain again.

Oh my God! I just re read this post so far - it's abit serious. please feel free to move on if it's not your cup of tea :)

So anyway, on to more practical matters - I went and picked up my visa application yesterday that I need to take to Singapore with me and you wont believe it, but it's literally a book! - it must be 40 pages. See below.

Tomorrow I fly out to Singapore and Top is coming with me which is going to be heaps of fun. He will also be able to give me a hand at the embassy if required.

A couple of days ago an Australian couple arrived at the hotel and last night we took them out to dinner in Patong then for a drink as they were keen to experience a bit of the craziness that is night time Patong. We had a fantastic seafood meal. I'm thinking I should become one of those guys that takes tourists to places and gets a commission from the business owners. :)

I've actually got really slack about taking my camera anywhere as I just tend to have the motorbike key, a bit of cash and my smokes. It's all I really need in life I reckon :)

So, the next post will probably be on my return from Singapore. Please cross fingers for me that they approve the 90 day visa or else my plans will have to change yet again.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 71,72 and 73 ... I think

Tropical storms

The last few days has seen some fairly changeable weather with tropical stormy wind and on and off heavy rain. As a result the beaches have been fairly empty and the shops fairly busy.

A couple of nights ago my friend and I were caught up with some torrential rain while out on the bike and by the time we arrived back to the hotel we were soaked through, however, people just tend to keep riding as it stops as fast as it starts and within a relatively short amount of time you are dry again.

Dinner out

I have enjoyed dinner out with new friends. I have got to know the owners of one of the businesses here as well as the lovely manager of the hotel and I enjoyed a fantastic meal out last night at a very popular local eatery. The other advantage of getting to know some great locals is they have made a few calls for me in regards to a big bike so hopefully by the end of Monday I will have sorted everything out before heading off to Singapore on Wednesday to get my visa organized.

Public holiday

Yesterday was a public holiday so as life goes was fairly quiet around the place. The hotel has had an influx of new guests in the last couple of days which is great for them as it has been fairly quiet the last few days with only two or three rooms occupied. Of course the upside is that we get the staff and hotel to ourselves while it is quiet.

Big Buddha

Today my friend Top who works here at the hotel and I went and checked out the big Buddha which is on top of one of the hills around here. I really liked that it was free entry with no tacky tourist stalls and you could give a donation if you also gave us some great views of Phuket island which was awesome.


The next few days.

After finishing this blog I am going online to find and book the trip to Singapore next week. Monday I have to go and pick up all the documents to take with me and also get a couple of passport photos done as well as providing a couple of other pieces of information and go and check out a couple of the big bikes another friend has found for me then Wednesday I fly out for two nights and come back Friday in time for the mid winter Christmas party here, before heading off on the Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow I relax.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 70 - The Singapore Sling .....

Well, I have inched a step forward in my progress to head around Thailand. After a fairly extensive search of the possibilities I have now instigated "the plan" which will hopefully see me riding off Phuket island on Monday 25th July.

I have procured a local lawyers firm to put together all the paperwork required for a 90 day non immigrant visa. As per all the options, I still need to head out of Thailand, and in fact to Singapore which is approximately two hours by plane away. I set off this morning by scooter to the other side of th island and met with them. I have a couple of extra documents to organize for next Tuesday and they will prepare all the visa documents that I need to take with me.

So, the next step is to book my flight for next Tuesday night and accommodation in Singapore for three nights, then I will return to my home away from home here in Phuket for three further nights before heading off on Monday the 25th. In some respects, going to singapore is quite good as it means I am not retracing my steps.

This Wednesday I will take the bike I have found for a spin for one day to check that it is okay before hiring it for an extended period of time on my return from Singapore.

It is good to finally have a plan in place.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Days 67,68 and 69

Yes, I am still here, and yes, I know what you're thinking ... When the hell is he actually going to get on a bike and head round Thailand. well, that's a bloody good question.

It may be somewhat blindingly obvious that I am finding it extremely hard to motivate myself to move from here. I am rather enamored by the people, the culture and just the joy of life that I see.

Needless to say then that I have been having a great time. I have had a great tour guide who has shown me the sites and I have met many locals who have been lots of fun.

I have found out some more information about sorting out the visa issue. I basically have four options -

1. Use a company and go on a mini bus to Penang and stay overnight but this entails an 8 hour minibus ride that just doesn't excite me at all.
2. Do the same thing but by plane
3. Do the same by myself to any destination outside Thailand.
4. Get a company to fill in all the paperwork and this way I could actually get 90 days and then fly out myself.

I am tempted to do either no 3 or 4

I will keep you posted. I should have my decisions made by the end of tomorrow.

Cheers, Nick.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 66 - Relaxed and Content

I have just extended my stay here at CC Blooms for a further 9 days while I sort out my visa and a bike and I have to say that I haven't felt this relaxed and content in many many years.....and just as an added bonus I have kindly had an upgrade to a larger poolside room with separate bathroom and kitchen.

As well as the staff and location here, I love how it feels like a home and not a horrible hotel room or resort. It is small enough (about 20 units) that I have got to know the other guests and staff. I have also spent a bit of time with a couple of the staff to help them with their English and in return I am getting some help with my Thai. I have said to them that by the time I have finished, no one except new zealanders will understand what they are saying in English. :) I have met a lively young couple from Austria, a couple from England and a very well travelled Frenchman.

If you go to and type in cc blooms you can see reviews of this place and what is interesting, and now i understand why, people keep extending their stays here as they just don't want to leave. It is a different world to the large resorts in patong where all the action is and surrounded by craziness and tourists are pumped in and out as fast as they can go.

Last night I got to bed at a more respectable hour so i could reset my sleeping patterns after a few very late nights.

This morning I spent two hours with a local real estate agent to learn about how buying and selling property works here, more out of nosiness than anything and it seems to me there is plenty of scope for further development and increases in property values.

Tomorrow, I will go and try and get myself organized in regards to the visa. I am also heading out the door this afternoon to go and check out a bike shop I have found, as well as to go to a couple of shops and grab some food.

Yesterday, or one of the last few days (they seem to roll in to each other very easily) I found a great local market somewhere in the back streets of Phuket town where I had some great food from the food stalls.

While I get myself sorted, don't be surprised if I do not update my website every day, as I really don't want to bore you when I have little to say. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Day 65 - irony in the first degree....

Before leaving New Zealand for my travels, many people when I explained what I was doing had said to me to be careful about what I ate on my journey, especially the road side stalls and such. Well, I chose to ignore all those comments and have eaten anything and everything from any place as local looking as possible. This has served me well through Indonesia, Malaysia and here in Thailand.

Now, fast forward to this evening where one of the guests where I am staying suggested that we go and have dinner at a posh looking "western style" restaurant on the beach in the middle of tourist central. Great idea, I said. So off we went, and when we arrived my alarm bells rang, not for dodgy food but for a huge bill as there were no locals dining at the restaurant, only "falang" (foreigners).

Sure enough, not only was the bill horrendously overpriced but I am now feeling somewhat seedy as well !

....update... Stomach feeling more settled. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 64 - making some progress

So, today I set off to immigration to find out about visas as I only got the standard 30 day visa on entry to Thailand. It was my fault really as I should have done my research more thoroughly. So, after a big loop of Phuket town I finally found immigration where I spoke to a very helpful chap who explained what I have to do. Apparently, it is quite common.

So, I need to do what they call a "visa run"where I pop over the border to either Penang or KL both only about an hour and a half away and go to the thai embassy where I apply for a 60 day visa. Why you can't just do it here, I don't know, but those are the rules.

So I have decided to stay at my accommodation for a further 9 days and mid next week I will organize a bike then leave here, do the visa run (which does entail a night outside of Thailand I think, then come back in, pick up the bike and off I go.

I also managed to get my cellphone sorted and also Internet on the iPad for while I am on the go, so that is great. I was going to find the bike shop today but after my couple of hours looking for Thai immigration and the cell phone shop I have left it for another day.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 63 - sleeping ...

So, I was going to go and do those few jobs I had planned, but in the end I slept for most of the day as I went out last night and was shown around the bars and clubs .... I had a great time and I danced the night away until sunrise and made a heap of new friends. It would be the only time in 20 years that I have exited a bar to sunlight.

I always find that if I can get to know a local, I get to go to some of the non touristy spots, which is what happened. One of the staff here who I have got to know took me out, I met some of his mates and we ended up in a really local bar, where I saw only one other tourist and I'll tell you what, Phuketians can party! ....and of course, the partying was extra celebratory because the elections had just taken place.

Al in all, a truly awesome night ...

Now, where's the black coffee ..... :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 62 - Ladyboys and being a slob

So last night I was keen to go out to the local bars to experience the nightlife, however, the bars were closed as legally they had to be the night before the Thai election apparently. I still went out on Scoopy to experience the night stalls and tacky tourist shops that are lined in most of the busy built up areas.

I also found a show called "Simons cabaret" that was an extremely g rated stage show with Ladyboys. It was quite obviously a highly choreographed show for the tourist. They bused everyone in, did the show, sent you out the exit and herded the next lot in. It was an impressively choreographed performance with a cast of probably 50 and impressive stage. Sadly, I couldn't help notice that so many of the performers looked so incredibly bored, however, understandable with three identical shows a day.

However, so I could document another interesting experience - here's a couple of photos :)

Pretty impressive looking "ladies" really ....

Following on from this theme, :) while scootling around i had to take a snap of these neon lights....

So, with the bars closed i was back at my accom by 10.30pm where i chatted to the barman then bid my good nights.

Today, so far, i have been a slob ... I did get up early and popped down to the beach for an early morning dip which was very refreshing. On my return here, a bit of breakfast then curled up on a lounger with a good book, the occasional dip in the pool, with lunch thrown in.

Later this afternoon I am heading to Phuket town to look at some markets as I need a couple of new cheap t shirts, then I may catch up with the managers of my accom tonight and have a drink at the bars in Patong.

Tomorrow, i have a busy day - i have found a place, i think to get a sim card for the phone, i am also going in to phuket town to immigration to see what i can do about my visa. Also, I have found a big bike shop that I'm going to go and check out, so maybe a good thing I am having a lazy day today.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 61 - I love Phuket

Well, I have spent the day exploring on my new two wheels - wait until you see her - she already has a name - it's Scoopy - as you might be able to see in the picture. She's gorgeous. Not really a blokes scooter, but I don't mind :) ... And I know I will get crap for months from my motorbike mates .... But, then again, I'm not stuck in the middle of winter :)

Meet "Scoopy"

I have rented her for four days while I find my bearings.

As I said last night, I love my accommodation. It is off the beaten track up a very steep hill. It only has 20 rooms of which only 5 are full at the moment. This must be why it's only $45 per night.

In fact across the island it is very Very quiet. This is the low season everyone is telling me ... And I love it. It is so great to be here. I enjoyed Malaysia, but this has such a greater sense of personal freedom. I realize the whole island is a holiday destination, however it still has a very different feel.

Also compared to Bali, the roads are a lot better, and compared to the vacation spots in Malaysia and Bali, there seems to have been a lot more thought gone in to planning and use of available space so that even though it is full of tourists the coastline retains it's beauty as can be evident by some of the photos.

This is Patong ... I am staying two beaches over near Kata.

My spot for an 11.30am beer....

I had a late lunch and another beer here.... :)

I spent the day today scooting round on scoopy :) i managed to get round the whole island - it was fun getting my bearings.

I have also seen a number of big bikes here so I will see what the choices are on Monday. I also saw three absolute plonkers who were obviously tourists and had hired harleys for the day and were weaving in and out of traffic in shorts and jandals like they owned the road. They were tossers of the first degree.

After my late lunch at the vantage point (above), I will head back to my accom and have a dip in the pool and a little late afternoon nap before heading out to patong tonight to check out the nightlife.

It's all good!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

I'm back!

 Somehow I managed to log back in after a mere 8 years away from the site! I have so much to say, and so much to add, however, just logging ...