Friday, September 30, 2011

150 days traveling!

Well, I cant believe it but I have now been traveling for 150 days and it's just about over. Honestly, could keep going for another six months quite happily. In one week we fly out to Hong Kong for three nights then it's the long plane trip home. Fittingly we are flying Air New Zealnd which will be yammies first experience of NZ culture apart from me of course :)

We have managed to get out of the hotel. I made a call to Avis and they were great. They had an office at Chiang Mai airport so organized for us to leave the car at the hotel and they wouldpick it up when the water had receeded enough to get it out and they gave us another one which we picked up at the airport.

The hotel had organized a truck to pick us up at the hotel and shuttle us across the flooded streets, then a minivan took us to the airport for no charge. I had been for a walk this morning and had contemplated trying with the car but so pleased we didnt as the water was very very high and we would have got swamped.

These pics are all roads not the river!

Now we are returning to Bangkok the focus of the next six days for me is kick starting my life again in New Zealand on my return. More on that later.

In the meantime I am trying to figure out how long I (and Yammie later) need to work before we can travel to another destination.

It's all pretty damn exciting really!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Merapiko Kid said...

Congrats on the 150 days!
Looking forward to your return, and meeting Yammie too.
Good luck with the packing up and getting sorted in Bangkok, and be sure to enjoy some more of the sights and sounds before your return.

Unknown said...


150 days already? Tempus fugit. Best of luck to you and Yammie back in NZ, and I'm glad you're finally so close after all the work it's been.

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