Monday, December 5, 2011

The Reality ....

So, sitting at my desk in the office I am digging deep to find the motivation to be focussed and get a couple of sales under my belt. At the back of my mind is the nagging issue of money and paying off my debt.

With only a couple of weeks until Christmas, activity is beginning to slow, or rather signing people up to sell is quite difficult as it is the last thing on their minds. This means trying to set things up for the new year so that I come back all guns blazing becasue the cycle of selling takes time. List a house in January, run the marketing programme, find a buyer in Jan/February and hopefully get paid at the end of February. By February it will be 11 months since a pay cheque and seriously tough by then, so I need to stay focussed.

If by February I have no properties to sell, I will have to make some hard decisions. It may mean renewing my teaching certificate and picking up a few days teaching, or going back full time, at least to get some money rolling in.

I never envisanged getting back to it would be so difficult, and rather than making me motivated to get up at 6.00am and working like a crazy bugger, it has made it so incredibly hard to get motivated. I just need to dig deep and get on with it.

The beauty of my job is that if I can get a couple of sales under my belt I can knock off some of that debt much quicker than if I was in a "regular" job, but in the same token, without a sale under my belt, it is not a nice experience as it means no money coming in.

So, that is the reality! 



Unknown said...

Good luck, Nick. Kick ass, take names, and stay focused. It's hard to get back to life, but I wish you the best of luck.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Trobairitz said...

Keep at it, something will come up.

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