Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back into the swing .... and lovin' it!

Quick post just to touch base with my regular flollowers of my journey last year.

Somewhere between the last post and this one I found my work mojo again ... I'm back to it and going like crazy! Just before Xmas I made the huge decision to move from my company of eight years to a new company which I am absolutely thrilled with. I am surrounded by hugely successful people with enthusiasm, energy and a "can do" attitude .. its exactly what Im loving about it.  Long days of working and prospecting but its paying off with my first two properties signed up.

I have a new website up and running at  which I am very happy with and lots of advertising out in the ether and in letterboxes. I am resigned to wearing a tie and suit again. :) The only down side to all this working is not much bike riding, but at the moment the focus is on rebuilding the work momentum so Im okay with it.

I have also set up a facebook business page which you can find HERE
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Yammie has settled in to NZ life and he is just a joy to be with plus his work visa came through just before Christmas so he has been looking for work. He is doing a little work for me as my personal assistant and it is looking promising that he may have some other part time work too.

So, it really is a case of head down and bum up and "getting on with it!"

Cheers, Nick.

Yammie with Big Bertha on our trip over Christmas (my friend Rob on the left)

This is my "work shot" ... no jeans, motorbikes or Leo beer in site .. :) haha

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